Just broke down and bought a friend a copy of FFX/-2 HD with what little extra funds I have. My enabling has reached new levels.







I felt we all needed my Usagi Crying Gif Collection.


Wakka has the best reactions in the group. 

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Got sidetracked on my way to Besaid with Blitzball. Manged to win once with my so-so team. Go Aurochs.


I also got to hit Bickson in the face. Made my night.

Anonymous asked:
where did you get your hairstyles for the simshi?


Ami’s Simshi are all from the base Sims 3 game. When I — er, Ami — made them, we didn’t have any expansions. Same with Minako’s Simshi (who need to be remade).

I did download some Baby Simshi hairstyles, though I’ll be damned if I can remember from where now. I know lots of people have downloaded a bunch of specific Senshi hairstyles for their games though, and will toss this open to them.

Those of you who mod your Simshi, where did you get new hairstyles?

Oh so many places I went nuts downloading things once I learned how it all worked.

All the places I could refind by looking through my mods folder:
Anubis under the sun
Sjoko (who seems to be plumb-bombs now)
Mine are usually just random collects of “Eh, close enough” until you get to Usagi. I thinka  good bit of my hair in my Simshi games are from Sjoko, but don’t hold me to that.

And of course there’s the links to Sailor Moon themed items I found here.

venneh replied to your post “Start listening to Zanarkand. Find dash is suddenly full of Zanarkand…”

Lol, I just got past the Zanarkand sequence last night. Gonna see how far into Sin I can get tonight

Good luck! It’s been ages since I last saw that part of the game. If I remember right, it’s pretty crazy.

I’m so sorry! I-I’ll get ready right away! Just a moment!

This part wouldn’t leave me alone, so I tried to make a quick doodle out of it to make it go away.
…A quick doodle of Yuna staying up all night that happened to make me stay up all night.

So here’s some little flashes of what might’ve happened. She sits down for a quick breather and the next thing she knows Tidus is there.

Start listening to Zanarkand. Find dash is suddenly full of Zanarkand photos.

How the moon looked the last two times my family went out to check.

All that playing I made it just outside Luca. So much fleeing to reach the next save point to go eat dinner.

In other news, it’s interesting to see the chance in NPCs after that battle.